A list covering all of my current and past projects that I’ve worked on solely or as a part of a team. There’s always something new, so be sure to check back often.

Active projects


SFF GEEK is an Australian-based website covering VR, handheld PCs, Laptops, SFF parts, and cases.



dronenr. was the number one drone focused publication based in Australia.

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Surcharge Tracker

Find the latest credit card surcharges data across the world at leading brands such as Woolworths, Coles, IGA, JB HI-FI and more.

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F45 Playoffs Calculator

Easily calculate your F45 Playoffs score online in seconds with this scoring calculator. Just type in your scores for each station and hit show score.

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Inactive projects Dark Mode Dark Mode was an accessibility and dark mode extension designed to fill the gap while was being developed.

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Drone Builder

Like the popular PC Part Picker website, Drone Builder was the only online builder allowing pilots to easily select parts for their racing drones.

Cyber Sky

The world is changing above us! A film showing the beauty this world still has left by drone.

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