Joshua spires drone photography of ocean

Joshua Spires


Over the years I have aligned and grown my capabilities with my passions, which includes writing SEO-focused content, marketing, web development, drone operations, 3D printing, building technology devices, and creating my own online presence.


As my interests evolved, I’ve created my own projects to explore and strengthen my capabilities within the respective fields. From software and websites to hardware devices built to make my life easier.

Latest posts

During my time exploring my interests and deep dives on certain topics, I find items of interest that I think are worth sharing and hopefully help someone on the process.


2012: Entry into Graphic Design

  • Started a Graphic Design side hustle.
  • Collaborated with E-Sports teams on logo and jersey designs.

2013: Introduction to Drones

  • Developed an interest in drones, sparked by the launch of DJI Phantom 1.
  • Merged Graphic Design side hustle into Graphics & Drones.
  • Spun up a daily newsletter and Twitter, now X updates on drone news.
  • Collaborated with 1MartianWay on the IDRL (Indian Drone Racing League) logo.
  • Founded dronenr, with contributions from Chordata Quads, inurZONEĀ®, Freebird Flight, DroneRacingStream, Flybrix, Smashed Drone, Droneuprisingco, Raptor Aerial Drones, and turncircles.

2016: Expansion into Photography

  • Continued managing the drone newsletter and X presence.
  • Discovered Qutee through MarzBar and won a DJI Mavic Pro in a giveaway.
  • Explored aerial photography, capturing by best images in Southwest Australia.
  • Uploaded photos and videos on social media, including AirVuz.
  • Released the first YouTube video under dronenr, “Tanky Drone Interview.”

2017: Unsplash Recognition

  • Joined Unsplash and gained popularity with photos, winning the “25 Most Downloaded Photos of 2018 | Spring” award.
  • Accumulated over one hundred million views and collaborated with brands like McDonalds, Contiki, Hertz, and Vogue.
  • Transitioned passion for photography into a career.

2018: Venturing into Writing

  • Continued managing dronenr, featuring drone music videos and an interview with Paris Cockinos, CEO of Sphere Drones.
  • Discovered DroneRush during CES 2018 and joined as a writer, learning SEO-focused content creation.
  • Grateful for support and mentorship from Jonathan Feist at DroneRush.

2019: Move to DroneDJ

  • Joined DroneDJ after a year with DroneRush.
  • Wrote five articles per day covering various drone topics, including leaks, commercial news, and interviews.
  • Continued to deepen expertise in the drone industry.
  • Collaborated with Haye Kesteloo at DroneDJ.

2021: Pivot to Marketing

  • Decided to focus on marketing drone technology.
  • Responded to a message from Sphere Drones, leading to a position as a Marketing Manager.