Joshua spires drone photography of ocean

Joshua Spires


Over the years I have aligned and grown my capabilities with my passions, which includes writing SEO-focused content, marketing, web development, drone operations, 3D printing, building technology devices, and creating my own online presence.


As my interests evolved, I’ve created my own projects to explore and strengthen my capabilities within the respective fields. From software and websites to hardware devices built to make my life easier.

Latest posts

During my time exploring my interests and deep dives on certain topics, I find items of interest that I think are worth sharing and hopefully help someone on the process.


1. Graphic Design (2012)

  • Started a Graphic Design business
  • Worked with Esports teams with logos and jersey designs

2. Drones (2013)

3. Photography (2016)

  • As my interest in drones grew, so did my interest in photography, that’s what consumer drones could barely do back then
  • While maintain my drone newsletter and presence on Twitter, I found a new platform called Qutee, through YouTuber MarzBar, someone I had grown up watching and influenced me
  • MarzBar and Qutee were running a drone giveaway, I ended up winning the giveaway and got myself the cash needed to buy the newly released DJI Mavic Pro
  • I then started taking photos wherever I was, at home and on trips. This is when I took some of my best photos, still to this day, in Southwest Australia
  • I began to upload on some of my photos and videos on social media, including AirVuz, where one of my videos was included in “The Best of Australia from the Sky” collection.
  • Towards the end of the year, I released my first YouTube video, “Tanky Drone Interview

3.1 Unsplash (2017)

  • I found a stock photo website called Unsplash and began uploading photos to the platform
  • Soon after uploading, a number of my photos started gaining popularity with ever growing support from the Unsplash team
  • I won my first award, within the first year of uploading, “25 Most Downloaded Photos of 2018 | Spring
  • Before leaving the platform in 2020, I had amassed over one hundred million views, hundreds of thousands of downloads, with my photos being used across the world by brands such as McDonalds, Contiki, Hertz, and Vogue to name a few
  • It was time to turn my passion into a career

4. Writing (2018)

4.1 DroneRush

  • During CES 2018, I was watching the Android Authority livestream, on the stream was Jonathan Feist, the head of the company’s drone website, DroneRush. And they were looking for writers
  • I filled out the contact form on the website with my only examples of work being my drone photos
  • Three months later I get an email to sit down and have an interview with Jonathan and Android Authority co-founder Darcy LaCouvée
  • During my time at DroneRush I would write one article per week, with my main focus being on school as I was in year 11
  • My writing ability was terrible when I started, I have Jonathan to thank for all the support and additional knowledge he shared with me

4.2 DroneDJ (2019)

  • After being with DroneRush for about a year, I moved to DroneDJ after getting in touch with Haye kesteloo
  • I worked for DroneDJ for just over two years, writing five articles per day, covering the latest drones, leaks, commercial news, interviews, exclusives, videos, and more

5. Marketing (2021)

After two years at DroneDJ I decided to move on from writing, and enter the world of marketing, thanks to a message from Sphere Drones looking for a Marketing Manager