A web developer, aerial photographer and videographer, content creator, and SEO writer.

About Me

I have been creating since the age of 12, with interests in science, technology, and drones.

I started building websites at the age of around 12 and have been building ones for companies ever since. Everything I have learned is from making past mistakes with my own projects, ensuring future projects do not make the same mistakes.

Throughout the years, everything I have done has been to do with drones and related technologies. Everything from wishing I had the latest DJI drone, taking photos, and writing on the latest drones. It’s been a crazy few years!

Josh Spires Perth content writer SEO web developer

Current Projects

A Man Drone Dream Josh Spires

A Man, A Drone, A Dream: Josh Spires

Qutee user, Josh Spires from Australia, entered into a contest run by Qutee and one of our largest influencers, Marzbar–and he won! Here’s his story behind the passion he

Latest Articles

Coke and Walmart partner to deliver new Coca-Cola with Coffee by drone

To get people excited about Coca-Cola’s latest product, it has partnered with Walmart to deliver its latest Coca-Cola with Coffee drink by drone to select customers in Coffee County, Georgia.…

Researchers turn to cameras for improved drone landings

Researchers from the Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tokyo, have improved drone landings with a camera mounted on a servo-controlled platform. The system uses image recognition to detect a landing location…

US Africa Command’s MQ-1C drone malfunctions over Niger

A US Africa Command spokesperson has shared that one of its MQ-1C drones has malfunctioned over Niger, Africa, while armed with a Hellfire missile. It’s not the first time the…

Western Australia’s regional police turn to drones in hopes to reduce response times

Western Australia’s regional police force have turned to drones to reduce response times in emergencies, making Albany the first town to have its police officers trained as drone pilots. The…

Wingcopter raises $22 million in funding round to expand into North America

German drone company Wingcopter has raised $22 million in its latest funding round to expand into North America and advance its technology. The company will also use the funds to…

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