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Josh Spires

Aerial Photographer and Videographer, Content Manager, and SEO Writer.

Age: 19 | Location: Perth, Australia

Josh Spires SEO writer

About Me

I have been creating for as long as I can remember, focusing on the drone and SFF PC industries with interests in science and technology.

I started by building websites based on my interests, moving into building them for other people. Everything I’ve learned is from past mistakes with my own projects, ensuring future projects don’t.

Over the years, everything I have done has been to do with drones and related technologies. From wishing I had the latest DJI drone, taking photos, and writing about the latest drones.

It’s been a crazy few years!

Current Positions

Sphere Drones

Content Manager

January 2021 – Present


Senior Editor

June 2019 – Present


Owner & Writer

January 2021 – Present

Past Positions

Mavic Pilots

Web Admin & Writer

Drone Advice

Web Admin & Writer

Drone Rush



Owner & Writer


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